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Client’s story:  Over 40+ and success changed visitor visa to study/work permit

Client's story: Over 40+ and success changed visitor visa to study/work permit

When Rani arrived in Canada as a visitor, she had no idea that her trip would lead to such a major change in her life. Rani, who is now over 40 years old and has four children, had always dreamed of continuing her education, but she didn’t think it was possible at her age and with her responsibilities at home. But while visiting Canada, Rani came across Canada Admission Hub and decided to reach out for help.

With the support of Canada Admission Hub, Rani was able to change her visa status from visitor to student and obtain a study permit. She was able to enroll in a program of her choice and begin her studies in Canada.

But Rani’s journey didn’t stop there. With the help of Canada Admission Hub, she was also able to obtain a work permit, allowing her to work legally in Canada while she studied. This was a major milestone for Rani, as it gave her the opportunity to earn money and support her family back home while continuing her education.

Throughout her journey, Rani received invaluable support and guidance from Canada Admission Hub. From choosing the right school and program, to gathering the necessary documents and navigating the complex immigration process, the team at Canada Admission Hub was there every step of the way.

Now, thanks to the help of Canada Admission Hub, Rani’s life has been transformed. She has been able to pursue her education, work legally in Canada, and support her family back home. She is grateful for the support she received from Canada Admission Hub and encourages other visitors to Canada who are interested in changing their visa status to student to reach out for help.

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