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Successful clients

Sucessful clients

1. How many hours can I work as an international student in Canada?

Liam’s brother tried to get a study permit inside Canada by searching for information and preparing all documents by himself. Unfortunately, the visa application got refused after 6 weeks of waiting.

As stated in his review: “My brother applied for a student visa on his own for the first time and six weeks after he received a visa refusal letter”

According to CIC, it is true that you can apply for a study permit while you’re in Canada as a visitor. The study permit is a document IRCC issue that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. Most foreign nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. 

Your main role as a student in a DLI is to complete your courses and graduate in time. You can exceed the 20-hour-per-week cap if you’re working on campus. However, you shouldn’t pack in those hours at your job, as it can detract you from your studies and place additional pressure on your life abroad.

You can only work full-time off-campus during scheduled academic breaks, such as during the summer or winter holidays.

2. Who can get a Study Permit inside Canada as a visitor?

However, only some people can apply for a study permit from inside Canada. You can apply for a study permit if you are inside Canada as a visitor, and you are:

  • You’re a Ukrainian national or family member of a Ukrainian national
  • You have a valid study or work permit
  • Your spouse, common-law partner or parent has a valid study or work permit
  • You’re a minor child in primary or secondary school
  • You’re an exchange student or visiting student
  • You completed a short-term course or study program required to be accepted at a DLI
  • You or your spouse, common-law partner or dependent child has a temporary resident permit (TRP) valid for 6 months or more
  • You’re being sponsored to immigrate and you already applied for permanent residence (if you’re eligible)
  • You or your spouse, common-law partner or dependent child are subject to an unenforceable removal order
  • You’re the spouse, common-law partner or dependent child of:
    • an athlete on a team based in Canada
    • a member of the media
    • a member of the clergy
    • military personnel on duty in Canada or
    • an accredited foreign representative
  • You’re a refugee claimant in Canada or a family member of a refugee claimant in Canada

3. How do I find a good immigration firm to change visa status inside Canada after the study permit got refusal?

Even if you are qualified for one of the above scenarios, preparing the documents on your own to apply for a study permit inside Canada can get a lot risky and can potentially get denial without support from an Immigration Firm. Fear of his brother failing the visa application again, Liam learned the lesson and decided to do an extensive search for a local immigration firm in Toronto to get help for his brother. “After that, I did extensive research and sent over 5 emails to Toronto local immigration firm I found on google. Most of them charged us a consultation fee, I did pay for that so I was able to compare the differences because I didn’t want a second refusal”

Liam decided to choose Canada Admission Hub in the end based on many good reviews on Google Reviews and many successful cases that changed their visitor visa to study permit within a month. “At the end, I decided to go with Admission Hub, because during the consultation I was able to tell the differences.” said in his review. 

“Firstly, they are specialized in changing status applications, the consultant was able to use the case law to explain to me what different visa offices want to see, instead of just the general supporting documents.”

Understanding the actual processes of changing visa status are very vital to the final decision. With over 10+ years of experience, we have had chances to work with many different clients with different backgrounds. Understanding clients’ backgrounds and preparing the right documents to show to the immigration officer help to build the case stronger and have a higher chance of success.

“Secondly, the person who took care of my case (Dylan) was very knowledgeable and organized. He and his team were able to explain the whole process and help my brother to meet the eligibility for changing status.” Liam mentioned

 “Throughout the journey, I was amazed at their document preparation as they included a lot of documents that were not on the IRCC government checklist, they really have the secret sauce.”

Happy ending for our client, Liam’s brother now has received his study permit after only 4 weeks. His brother now has officially become an international student in Canada! We can see how pleased he is through his words: “After 4 weeks of waiting, the visa application was approved. I’m still very thankful for the professional service offered to me by Admissionhub” 

Glad and proud of the smooth sailing with the application process, Liam left very detailed and satisfied reviews for Admission Hub. We are so thankful that you put your trust in us and hope that your brother will get the most out of the education in Canada. If you wish to be like Liam’s brother, don’t be afraid to us and start your first step to change your life, chase your Canadian dream with Admission Hub!

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