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Visa Hub is an Industry Leader in providing Consultation for immigration and visa services for international students, families, and other visitors to Canada.

Licensed Immigration Law Consultation benefit you in several key areas as we:

  • Clarify options and potential scenarios surrounding your case
  • Assist you in collecting the proper information and documentation
  • Correctly classify the application and ensure requirements are met
  • Prepare and submit all IRCC and Department of labor forms and documentation
  • Communicate with IRCC and Case Officer  throughout the process
  • Monitor the entire visa immigration application process
  • Provide alternatives for different scenarios 

Your success is our success. At VisaHub.ca, that’s not just lip service. You’ll know it from the first communication through the completion of your case.

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🇨🇦 Trusted by over 3000+ clients from over 29 countries.

Being a Global Study Alliance founding member, we’ve helped over 3000 clients for Canadian immigration applications.

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We speak +13 languages.


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Japanese Senior Consultant / Operation Manager


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Department Consultant of Latin America​


Enrolling Consultant of Brazil


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(RCIC) Immigration Consultant


Student Enrolling Consultant


Homestay Consultant


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