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Is it possible to change visitor status to study/work permit in Canada?

Is it possible to change visitor status to study/work permit in Canada?

“Am I able to change visitor status to work permit/study permit in Canada?” is the most common question we get as an Immigration Firm. If you come to Canada on a visitor visa, you are able to change that visa status to another visa status, such as Study Permit or even Work Permit while you are in Canada. Some examples below will  give you a better understanding of how you can change status inside Canada

Example 1: Change visitor visa status to work permit in Canada

Coming to Canada with a visitor visa, and now you want to change your visa to a work permit. If you can find a job that offer you an opportunity to work inside Canada and that position needed to be filled right away, you can change your visitor status to a work permit 

Example 2: Change Visitor visa status to Study Permit in Canada

  • You are visiting Canada with a tourist visa and want to work in Canada, you can apply to study any program in Canada for up to 6 months with a tourist visa. Most tourists want to study English in Canada while they are on Visitor Visa in Canada. After that, they want to apply to schools such as colleges or universities in Canada, Admission Hub will help to present your application to a Canadian School of your choice and get you your student visa.

Example 3: Change Visitor visa to Work Permit via Spouse Sponsorship

If you come to Canada as a tourist and you get married to a Canadian and you want to start the spouse sponsorship program. In this case, as long as you are still in your tourist status, we will send an application for your spouse sponsorship, and when we do it from inside Canada, you will receive a work permit a few months later changing your status from tourist to worker in Canada 

The most successful case inside Canada is changing Visitor Visa Status to Study Permit then getting a Work permit in 2023. The success rate is 98% include middle-aged clients with an education gap, he was able to get his study permit at the age of 55 and get a work permit after finishing his study term. While studying, he also can work up to 20 hours/week and earn extra money to live in Canada.

One of many successful cases that we helped to change a visitor visa to a study permit is the case with Mr. Yaqoob Shareef,45 years old,  from India. He came to Canada to visit and decided to become a part of this society after a couple of months. He has a career in IT and wants to improve his skills in Canada with the high-quality education system in Canada. Mr. Yaqoob came across Canada Admission Hub after a long time searching for the right agency to help him change his visitor visa to a study permit. He met Simran – one of our consultants at Admission Hub. With clear instructions and a fast process, Mr.Yaqoob was able to get his study permit and attend Canadian school as he wished for.

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